Stationmaster really love you please give me time

Hello, first write a bit excited, after all, to give you this paper, my writing, =0, just think webmaster and rookie webmaster heart, of course, is my heart


I have contact with the network, more than 7 years, but in 7 years of network think time is really cannot bear to think of the past 7 years, has spent 6 years in the game and the consumption of time and money, before the computer in our eyes is a kind of toy and there are a lot of ways, in 6 years I’m

to the game…

people will grow up, grow up, thinking will change, will mature, there will be a sense of shame. In 1 years, I dug the first pot of gold in my life, may be said to have one, I love the game’s sake let I learned to play in the game to make money

I’ve been in a lottery. I’ve done IDC.. As long as it has something to do with money, and I can make some profit from the middle.. In the end, the only thing I can do is to make a 30 thousand profit by one year. Because of the decline of the private server, I have to close my hands and start new investment and new projects..

I have been longing for doing a website, although I am a few months ago on every day to see a large number of articles (of see do not understand), or on the web, SEO optimization of these have some basic understanding. I’m ashamed to say that now I’ll only use Dreamweaver software to do some static pages… And it’s especially easy, huh? It’s a little shy, ~~


and I have tried to bite the learning web, because web pages as I’ve got it like a dragon ` ` ` to see people get a few times on the familiar, "and these templates are on your own research and long-term accumulation, I asked a lot of them are their own master ` ` ` also spend a lot of time, I also feel shy to ask my tutor sichanlanda people I know what ` ` ` ` after all is the network network or on your own ~ I am not the kind of smart people, my self-learning ability is not so high, nor what patience, a little hope to give up into the reason why I write this article is to write their own the voice, it is running account ~


I Admin5 these days I saw a training course, recruit 100 students’ tuition `50 block I’m going to learn, I looked at the course OK, do not know whether we can learn to understand their own ` ` so much ` regardless of their first Study hard ` my dream is to build a website of my own ideas have to be poor technology, hope to use their own technology to their idea of the station to do it.. I think I can do this on station is the most food dish, can be said to know nothing about, starting from 0, technology began to ascend from 0


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