Promotion methods offbeat the effect of leverage drops


in the forum advertising chain, with a small ad posted it, not only will not increase the popularity of the website, but also make people feel that you don’t have a corporate authority, second rate products, learn about those awesome characters, do Niubi promotion.

tyrant style

Jing Chai took out 1 million haze? This is a very good choice, the 1 million is the value of the flower, if it is a green, landscape and other business owners to do such a thing, I believe that his company will develop very spectacular. But at 1 million, not every boss can do it. It’s a good way to do it, but not everyone can do it.


How did you know that

know? My answer is that I know is known in the If You Are The One, do not remember what time, know COO If You Are The One program, chose a not very love the female pig, was finally off leave, at that time, I know since, as I believe a lot of people, their purpose is to promote knowledge. Like this there are many, such as super text, papaya and so on, the main purpose of the If You Are The One to I don’t know, but many of his business marketing, of course, there are other programs such as: Gao Yifeng China’s Got Talent.

about shelf

Remember Luo Yonghao

and Wang Ziru PK it? It can be said that Luo Yonghao fans is basically rely on to quarrel, needless to say, in the industry, few people can use the mouth said Luo Yonghao win, because Luo Yonghao has a title of "Luo brain wet". Finally, whether black or white, naturally Luo Yonghao will say all reasonable, fans naturally come. But to do this kind of thing, but also depends on the strength of their own mouth, if you pull people, but everywhere PK lost everywhere, then it is recommended not to go on, you do not die. Unless you do second Zhou Hongyi.

summary: of course, the above method seems to be a joke, but the real effect is the lever, after all previous success, and I can see a lot of people to promote their products in the variety show, and these are very cheap entry fee, and even some do not need the registration fee. If you simply do not have talent, you can not go on the platform, then these old methods are still very suitable for you, although the old, but the effect is still very good.

looking for competitors, user

in micro-blog, find your competitors micro-blog, see his fans, since watching him, it means you’re interested in this industry, we try to dig out these users, do interactive marketing to see, also in the rival QQ space found inside visit people praise or comment on the message people with their friends, since the same principle, pay attention to your competitors, but also to your natural products that are interested in natural WeChat also came to QQ. Some people say that they might not want to

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