Why did you sell 22 thousand for ugly websites for seven months

big Viagra has been focusing on a website that hangs on Flippa for two days. But today, the only seven months to do the site, by a nouveau riche for $22 thousand (about 149500 yuan) of the price photographed, the buyer did not even wait for the end of the auction, the price of money directly. Leave only the Flippa website to wipe his ass and send the following email notification to many of the auctioneers and followers:


below is

big Viagra Hello:

you’ve been looking at WhereCanIBuyStamps.Net auctions recently. The auction has been sold to another user for a final selling price of $22000. Hundreds of new auctions are released every day on the Flippa website, and you can continue to view auctions like that.

may I send you my regards,


Flippa team

, to be honest, when Viagra saw the results, the mood was so complicated that he felt that the site could sell the price, which should and should not. Why do you say that,


, so ugly, simple sites can sell, trees can be on the old sow

alone, from the website itself, this site is not worth so much money. From our point of view, this website is very common in both design and content, and it is common in many websites. Let’s take a look at the home page screenshot:


did you see? This wonderful home page is enough to make all the people who see it cry.

as a force to sell the site, you are not even a decent LOGO do? Just a small dry text head, even the title of the article is eye-catching.

also, there’s no menu or navigation bar under your head. It’s not scientific,


in addition, the AdSense ads on the right side of the article also take up so much space and do not take care of the feelings of visitors.

even more so, the whole right column is AdSense, the ad does not say, but also because of the width of the wrong settings, leaving a large piece of unsightly blank.

to be honest, someone just learn a little Dreamweaver, a little HTML code to do anything than this beautiful page. The page layout of this product hasn’t been great yet. Such a website can be sold at a higher price than the big Viagra blog?

next, let’s see what the content of this website has written. The translated title is:

buys stamps near here,


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