What’s the way out for B2C clothing websites

now with the development and popularization of Internet, online shopping has become an indispensable part of life for many fashion! However, the Internet but varied, generally can be divided into entity classes (such as physical) and virtual classes (e.g. information) two categories. As we all know, in these two categories, it can be said that the virtual products in the network sales can be an advantage. But there are also differences in the entity class products, such as some products (Electronic) by specific technical parameters to make it easy for people to accept and recognize its authenticity, but some products (clothing, food) and no specific parameters to make people very aware of its existence and authenticity. The characteristics of the network is virtual, virtual environment to sales entity products must people fully understand the authenticity and accuracy of its existence in the virtual environment, however, according to the product itself different characteristics in the virtual network environment to express it really is difficult and easy


below, we will use clothing, this particular product to study the specific, we all have to buy clothing experience. We store when buying clothing first attention is the style, the second is the quality, is to try again, try can be said is the most important part in the process of this transaction, try the direct effect on the trading results! Now we think in such network environment we can carry out several links? We found that we can make a first step, only the style to show people how, how quality and fitting effect, so in the current network environment, it is difficult to effectively display, although recently some website developed virtual fitting simple, but not with the reality of the impact of a sense of fitting in fact, the main reason behind! Two links to the development of technology is the technical problem, but the problem is the need to a lot of the strength of all the Two, not a website can do it! So don’t we clothing website in now there is no way for our customers to provide better service? The answer is no! We can through the specific marketing way to compensate for the lack of technology, there are several specific aspects, the first is that we should keep a good service attitude, service attitude is better but good service attitude is more important. Second, for the quality of clothing problems, we have to provide quality products, at the same time conditional can train their own delivery staff, let our own door-to-door to answer the customer’s questions. Third, to try, when we show on the site as far as possible all the real models fitting shot out, if the customer due to the illusion of selling is not suitable for their own products, we should try to take the initiative to solve (including return, replacement), can also do a professional image design in addition to customer! With these hopes and dreams, we developed swimming Gewei clothing network www.yongewei.com let us wish


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