Some guidance on new pictures

I do stand, also just do half a year. Published some of their little plans to do the station. Now own map station day IP has about 3000-4000 it is also not very stable.

don’t play ball, as though in a short period of time to flow faster, but die faster! Do the main station The loss outweighs the gain.! Figure is the best. There are a number of original team, is not to say that we must take the original own… But collect some pictures with no watermark, finishing their own good then upload to their station. Oh… More original better.. because you do stand up, after many station will to share it, you stand with mercury are transferred to, so that a turn ten, ten to 100. After a lot of stations will have your map, although not directly connected, but there will be some users through watermark introduction to get some direct input you stand flow oh… This is your perseverance..

and I do feel the figure stood.. to find some of the same station to pull traffic… And find some friends. (I feel the flow is good) but not do what I feel is still standing in on… If every day there are a lot of content updates.. (posted when do the title change look, this love search point, ha ha) when you do stand… A top stage. You update more quickly, the Baidu search revenue faster… Oh… Good. Slightly. This is only my own experience. I don’t hit the master ah.. this paper provided by


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