Talking about the choice of SNS website application

personalized applications are one of the distinctive features of SNS web sites, and a variety of applications make SNS sites full of life. SNS platform and third party developers provide hundreds of thousands of applications for the SNS website, and SNS webmaster should have a choice between these applications, in order to be more conducive to the development of the site.

Mentioned strategies "local SNS web games such as wine in front of

SNS, but do not drink too much", this paper takes Manyou Open Platform to the third party application development platform UCenter Home powerful and flexible as an example, talk about the SNS website personalized application way of choice.

1. Why do you want to make a choice about the application?

1, application quality uneven. Although the application of SNS platform for third party developers have conducted a rigorous review, but due to the application of species, the number of applications where the quality is different, so the SNS webmaster as well as the need for two times of screening application, reasonable choice;

2, applications involving user experience. The quality of various types of applications is directly related to the user experience, so SNS webmaster should first try to do all kinds of applications, experience, and constantly improve the website user experience optimization.

two, how do you choose the application?

to apply the trade-offs, that is, SNS webmaster need to use UCenter Home high-level management of MYOP applications in the background. The most important thing is to grasp the level of application. According to the quality of the distinction, all types of applications should be recommended, default, open, close four levels. The webmaster should according to the quality of the application itself, the application of distinction, outstanding application, close the bad application, the only way to make the application platform to maximize the role of the play:

1, take the essence of the application of

for the essence, excellent application, should focus on recommendation. Webmaster can set these applications as default or recommended applications, so easy to form a virtuous circle, so that the role of applications such as snowball gradually maximized.

(1) applications to meet user needs. One of the best applications must be the applications that best meet the needs of users. Most of these applications can figure out the user’s mind, and stimulate users in the application of continuous pursuit of mentality. For example, "super millionaire", "friends trading" and so on, these are also UCenter Home official website default application;

(2) application of active website atmosphere. A good application can play an active role in the atmosphere of the website. Such as inviting friends, ranking and other functions, allows users to gain interactive interaction in the application of fun, allowing users to learn to constantly strive for and beyond;

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