Gonzalo Villar: “I felt that Rome was betting more on me”

first_imgWhat did Rome say to make it so clear?Petrachi, the sports director, and Paulo Fonseca, the coach, talked to me and gave me a lot of confidence. I already thought that enough confidence was that a club like this, which can sign any player, decides on a boy who was playing in the Second Division. They gave me their confidence in person and I started to accept this project.What does Fonseca want from you?It has a style very similar to what we do in Spain. He likes to get the ball well played from behind and have the initiative. What he really asks me is what I like to do. There will be no problem with the style. We want possession and I like to be close to the ball and have it for a long time. That way of playing is going very well for me and what I want is to adapt to Rome as soon as possible so I can quickly help the team.His position is not one in Rome, not long ago they have lost a legendary referent like De Rossi.It is clear that he is a legend for all giallorossi. But I want to offer the best version of myself here. To talk about De Rossi is to make it a legend, I don’t like to compare. It wouldn’t do me good to start comparing myself to him. I will be the best version of Gonzalo Villar.He debuted, had a few minutes before Sassuolo. What do you already perceive of Italian football?Everyone wants to play and the league is growing a lot. It is a very tight championship, as is happening in Spain. We come from a couple of defeats and we only think about recovering today against Atalanta. He is a very complicated opponent, the next rival of Valencia in the Champions League. Poses a very cheerful football, makes many goals. The Gasperini team is at a very high level, but it is a very important match for us. Here anyone can beat you, there are no great goals. We are going to have to fight. And in his post, there is always talk of the hardness of playing in the midfield in Italy.There is quality. It is true that it is a fairly physical league, but I want to show that I can be an important piece in the scheme.Have you already been told what a Roman derby is?Yes, but I have the thorn of not being able to live it live. It was played a week before my signing was closed. I look forward to telling you first hand.You, Abel Ruiz, Roger Ibáñez … Three very young signings. It is a clear message from the club.Not only us. Justin Kluivert, Zaniolo were already on the squad … The team is rejuvenating, but also the most experienced veterans are on top so we can adapt quickly. The mix is ​​very good to achieve the goals that the club has.That should be in the top four.Yes. We are three points away from Atalanta and with that objective in sight this game is very important, we will give it our all.AS Roma ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Gonzalo Villar, during his debut with Roma.AS Roma The most surprising thing about his departure from Spain is that Valencia had part of his rights. Didn’t they bid for you or was it more your decision to go to Italy?They had the option, but the decision was mine. As the expression says, there are different degrees of love and I felt that Rome was betting more on me. I felt that Rome was betting on me stronger than Valencia and I made the decision. I am grateful to Valencia because they showed interest in repurchasing me, but the ideal thing for me at this time was to come to Rome for the bet they made for me, but I wish Valencia the best.What has been Pacheta for you?I owe it all. Since I arrived at Elche, he has behaved like a father with me. And not only when things were going well but also when I was wrong. With 20 years you are very young … He took me and said ‘you don’t play for this for this and for this’. When I was wrong I said it to my face. I kept working. This year everything went great, but the previous year was more difficult for me, I had a small injury … He was with me and I will always be grateful.Rome has legends, but Elche, too … How has it been to share costumes with Nino?The summary is that if the goals are dropped in games, imagine in training … It’s crazy. They fall out of your pocket. He has just become the top scorer in the history of the club, what else can be said…And how close have they taken their new adventure?I have commented with friends. I am from Murcia and the truth is that there has been a bit of a bombshell. That a boy there signed the Rome … The amount of messages received was crazy. I thank you. With my friends I have already commented on what it means to live this dream so young. We are delighted I really like languages, so I’m going to get the interpreter to learn fast. My parents came with me to sign, but I will not be alone. I am lucky that my best friend is studying in Teramo, very close to Rome. I will have company and it will be easier.He was in the last U21 contest and the Games are also at the end of the season. Can the requirement of Series A help?I was in the last two calls of the U21, a very nice group is being formed. At the Selection level, what I think is to try to be summoned in the next one in March. The Games would be something very nice, but that would be the decision of the technicians. What I have to do is earn a place in each training.center_img How have been your first days as a Romanist?With great enthusiasm. I was officially introduced a couple of days ago and it has been all very beautiful. It’s amazing to be here with 21 years. It was one of the goals I had as a child. Now I want to become an important player of a historical such as Rome.Leave Elche, where he was one of the benchmarks in his demarcation of the category, to make a very large demand jump.Yes, it is a big jump, but I consider myself very prepared to face it. I was enjoying Elche a lot, with my team that I am very grateful to, but I wanted to take that leap and now I have to prove that I am qualified for it.How was your transfer made?The first news came to me in the middle of December. My agents told me that Rome had been following me with both Elche and the National Team and that they were very interested in signing me now. I told them to see how things went and in January everything rushed. It was a tough month of negotiations, but Rome bet heavily on me and here I am.In his presentation he said that he lost pounds during those days due to the tension in the negotiations.Yes, especially in two or three key days for it to close. I was very nervous. I lost my appetite a bit and lost a couple of kilos.last_img

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