How to prevent strange customer credit

is not easy to have a customer, in order to let the stores have more repeat customers, many shops are tolerant of customer credit. However, acquaintances like to say, all know too much, a lot of strangers in the door for the first time will be on credit, which makes many shopkeepers embarrassed. So, how to prevent strange customer credit?

shop for so many years, I always adhere to one principle, that is unfamiliar customers, regardless of business size, no credit, this is my business criteria. I think that people don’t like, with your sincerity is not the same, but can not guarantee that you are dealing with people who are honest. What’s more, we should be cautious about unfamiliar customers who don’t understand. May start to offend some new customers, so that they feel that my boss shop inflexible, inflexible. But it’s better than being dead. Because of the strange customer name, home address, personal economic status and the degree of credit risk of credit are absolutely ignorant of the blind, too.

so, how to prevent the first strange customer credit into the store without offending customers? My approach is to set up signs in the store prominently prompt customers to shop no credit. I downloaded a humorous reminder from the Internet advertising company, to make a sign: you credit my difficulties, I asked for you. Why don’t you do not credit, I don’t trouble does not bother you.

sign put out, the customer credit requirements can be strangled in the cradle, not refuse to face the embarrassment of. See the tips of understanding customer will dispel the idea of credit. For those who come to work locally, take the pro string of friends, but also to be careful. Once the credit to him, they will walk away, there will be no payment to.

on the strange importuning customers said forgot to bring money or money is not enough, can show their difficulties, and promised things can be kept for each other, the other side to take the money back again. At the same time, in order to express sincerity, the customer selected goods packaging, and the extra gift of a small gift to a stranger, in order to quell customer complaints.

this credit in a current store any are very common thing, some customers is indeed a difficult, but some of it is a typical "Laolai", to this aspect of the funds not affected by the loss, nature also need shopkeepers make relevant countermeasures, especially some strange customer, try not to credit no credit, in order to reduce the loss.

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