Set app promotion goals to take a few steps

intelligent mobile phone let people’s understanding of app is gradually expanding, but many people said the promotion of the app also need to work, you don’t make out, it It is without rhyme or reason. fire up, so how to set a goal to promote this very important.

if your promotion period is one year, the target amount of 1 million users to promote active users, so the promotion can be divided into three stages.

The so-called

This time

General after seed user testing period is two or three months, basically a app in terms of quality, function and market basic perfect, this is the foundation, foundation period is completed, will start a large area of the user growth promotion period, it is the second promotion period I said the.

in the rapid growth of users, is to promote the overall development of the period, the purpose is to let app users to achieve rapid growth. At this time in the promotion of the staff will be more, a person can be full of canal

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