Agriculture loans to allow Liu Jinchun to achieve the dream of getting rich jujube

many farmers want to carry out entrepreneurial activities, the use of their expertise to open up a career. However, the actual implementation of the process, a lot of farmers friends due to lack of funds, can not start business. The emergence of agricultural loans to help them solve the problem.

2006, the company will be Liu Jinchun for many years to accumulate all the profits out, for the expansion of the company, the company will not only be relocated in the original Majiahe canning factory, also spent hired a specialist to develop more red dates, red dates products. After the expansion of the size of the company bigger, but liquidity is very scarce; with the increase in orders, plant, human is not enough, business or go into trouble.   when Liu Jinchun Chafanbusi, occasional Yanchuan County Rural Credit Union loan salesman to promote the new policy, he put his difficulty in speaking a lot. Since the plant is rented, and no property rights, and policy provisions only for mortgage loans, Liu Jinchun despair again.

salesman back to union director Liu Jinchun’s case report. After some reflection, the joint director decided to try to help this promising companies, and with the people’s Bank of Yanchuan branch of the president to explore whether the relevant policies and methods. The people’s Bank of Yanchuan branch of the integrated service personnel quickly convened shares held talks with the Yanchuan Union, first proposed the investigation of enterprises, grasp the actual business, evaluate the development potential of enterprises, boldly broken at the same time, mortgage, loans shackles, mining new lending channel.

"through financial poverty alleviation, one hand to help a large group of enterprises bigger and stronger; on the other hand, the bigger and stronger enterprise and society, not only solve the problem of employment, while the advanced technology and experience to industry, to become the industry standard recommended

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