Thinking in front of the action in the room after the O2O profit problem

the development of the Internet to make changes in all walks of life, the most traditional food and beverage industry, the development of the Internet has brought greater benefits, but also to a greater extent to improve the service content. At the same time, the development of the Internet has brought greater challenges.

According to the statistics of

Y  Combinator and Foundation  Capital and other investors did not comment.

before there are a number of services should be bankrupt or closed. For example, the need for domestic services in San Francisco last December, filed for bankruptcy protection in Homejoy. Parking services required Zirx  Consumer  Service also in February this year to close consumer parking services, instead focused on the development of enterprise business.

SpoonRocket said in a farewell letter, the company has explored all the strategic options, but failed. The company has yet to respond.



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