Clothing sales secret sharing can not be missed

in today’s society, the apparel industry overall development, at the same time the entire garment market opportunities is also constantly, there are a lot of people are focusing on the clothing market opportunities for operators, to open clothing store, marketing is very important.

1, a successful marketing is not an accidental story, it is learning, programs, as well as a sales representative of the knowledge and skills to use the results.

2, marketing is entirely the use of knowledge, but as long as these are used to prove the actual concept of the active person who can produce results.

3, before has a blockbuster effect, must prepare the boring task.

4, before selling the preparation, project task, never neglect contempt and prepared to win. Prepare the tools, the end, the questions, the words, and the answers.

secret clothing sales summary

1, the best sales representatives are those who have the best attitude, the most abundant knowledge of goods, the most thoughtful service sales representative.

2, the company’s products and related materials, brochures, advertising etc., are necessary to study and memorize, and instructions to Collect competitor’s advertising, promotional materials, etc., to research and analysis, in order to know ourselves, so in order to truly know their friends. Take corresponding countermeasures.

3, the sales representative must read more about the economy, sales of books and magazines, especially must read the newspaper every day, understand the country, social news, news events, visit customers, and this is often the best topic, and not with very limited knowledge and scanty information and knowledgeable.

4, the way to get the order is from the end of the search for customers, cultivate the customer is more important than the current sales, assuming the suspension of new customers, sales representatives will no longer have the source of success.

5, the customer is also beneficial to the sale of harmful to the sales representative, this is the most important business ethics.

secret clothing sales summary

1, when visiting the customer, the sales representative should be the one when the principle is to believe that even if the fall will have to grab a sand. That is, sales representatives can not go empty handed, even if the sale is not a deal, but also to allow customers to introduce you to a new customer.

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