Departure Clothing expands its classic collection

first_img The Best Men’s Waterproof Boots for Tackling All Weather For any clothing company, finding the perfect balance of creativity, style, and uniqueness goes a long way in making or breaking its reputation. With so many different companies offering incredibly similar merchandise, it’s no simple task to provide something durable and trendy while finding a devoted consumer base. When it comes to the Chicago-based brand Departure Clothing, partners Danny Loiacono and Zachary Sutter believe the company’s commitment to timeless designs and simplicity allows it to craft quality products which define style in their own unique way.Related: Truce makes the last backpack you’ll ever want to ownIts product line is simple: four different beanie types, a couple of T-shirts, a simple snapback, and the newest addition, a minimalist wallet. Cut from hand-selected Horween leather hide, Departure’s Clamshell Wallet echoes Loiacono and Sutter’s idea that simplicity isn’t the absence of things, but rather just the right amount. With the Clamshell’s release, the duo behind this incredible brand accomplished this very idea without it seeming like a gimmick. It’s an elegantly modest addition to an otherwise stunning collection of gear.Departure’s own mantra states the company remains “curious of the world around us,” gleaning inspiration from its beauty while staying aware of its fragility. “The line is all about utilizing your mind/body to create your own journey,” says Sutter, “we work for those who want to celebrate their character. Artisan hand crafted goods is what we do, connecting like-minded individuals is who we are.”This idea of a celebration of character rings true in every aspect of why Departure operates the way it does. The brand is wildly focused on providing style and fashion for those who don’t confine themselves to a specific subculture or class. Departure aims to make its products fit for any lifestyle, complimenting the uniqueness everyone already possesses. By adding the timeless Clamshell wallet to its impressive product line, it seems Sutter and Loiacono have finely tuned just what makes their company tick.“We are a brand that you bend into your own complex subculture, to compliment the uniqueness which is already you,” Loiacono points out. “We’re not here to tell you how to live, we’re here to help you become the version of yourself you value most.”Departure maintains a willingness to blaze a trail all its own by providing products void of what the masses deem hip or in. What’s most impressive about this approach is how wholly devoted partners Danny and Zak are to consistently achieving these goals and keeping humble. The products are fresh, but it’s the company’s vision and direction which allows Departure to truly shine. How to Choose the Best Organic Mattress for Greener Sleep 14 Scandinavian Clothing Brands You Need to Know Editors’ Recommendations The Best Valet Trays for Keeping Your Stuff Together The Nomadic Beer Maestros of Evil Twin Brewing Find a Permanent Home in Queenslast_img

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