EHF CL TOP 16 Fuchse Berlin master work – Atletico in TOP

Kadetten Schaffhausen: Vaskevicius; Stojanovic (5), Ursic (2, 1p), Jurca (2), Graubner (6), Starczan (5) y Kukucka (3, 1p) -equipo inicial- Quadrelli (ps), Vrany (5), Goepfert (-), Pendic (-), Elezovic (-), Schelbert (-), Bucher (-) y Tominec (2). Fuchse Berlin wrote the best chapter of club history after Heinevetter and Co. beat HSV Hamburg 24:23 in Velux EHF CL TOP 16 (First match win 30:28). Chances for F4 place in Cologne are huge, because Fuchse will have for possible oponnents C.O Zagreb and Cimos Koper.Kadetten Schaffhausen showed fantastic team spirit in Madrid – 30:26, after -9 from the first match with Atletico Madrid (26:35). BM Atlético de Madrid: Hombrados; Roberto García (3), Lazarov (9, 3p), Chema Rodríguez (-), Jurkiewicz (6), Davis (2) y Aginagalde (1) -equipo inicial- Antonio Díez (ps), Guardiola (-), Cañellas (2), Edu Fernández (3) y Dinart (-). champions leagueEHF CLFuchse BerlinHSV Hamburg ← Previous Story Men’s EHF Cup (1/4 Final): Three German teams for the Final! Next Story → EHF CL TOP 16: Barca destroys Montpellier – Baena “last second” goal for Veszprem’s tragedy

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