Security researchers fingered for fraud in bogus blog post

first_imgWhen you’re in the computer security business, you’re bound to wind up in the sights of those who operate outside the law from time to time — especially if you’re a high profile blogger. Brian Krebs and F-Secure’s Mikko Hypponen are two of the biggest names in the security business, and they’re no doubt aware that their reputations make them juicy targets for cyber-hooligans.Over the weekend, someone decided to have a go at the duo of cybercrime fighters by posting a fake news story to a somewhat well-known security news website The fabricated story alleged that Krebs and Hypponen had been uncovered running a counterfeit credit card operation, and that the two were also in a romantic relationship. Ironically, the article was a doctored version of one written by Krebs in 2007 for the Washington Post, complete with Photoshopped chat logs and forum postings with rather obvious made-up handles.AdChoices广告Hypponen received an email heads-up on Sunday night, and he headed over to Fraud-News to see what the fuss was about. Hypponen — who was quick to point out that he likes Krebs, but not that way — picked up the phone to see if his pal had noticed the post. He had, and Krebs wasn’t alone. The news was already spreading on Twitter, leading to several virtual “tsk tsk” and “unfollowed” comments.Hypponen’s response post states that Krebs seems to have a pretty good idea who was behind the chicanery, and with two such vocal security researchers involved it’ll be interesting to see whether that person’s (or group’s) identity is revealed.More at F-Secure and The Registerlast_img

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