How to improve the 500P traffic per day

everyone at the beginning of the business, are full of passion, for the future, have their own ideas. At the beginning of the creation of happy daydream, out of a cavity blood and instinct began to do. Cooperative seemingly simple function, in fact, requirements for users extremely high-end, users can not only need to come out the framework of educational thinking, also need to learn more knowledge and ability.

the reflection site is not so successful, because the threshold is too high, no grasp of human nature in the world of things, so it cannot flow. I used to think the founder of David  Tumblr; Karp  is not a person to do all things and succeed? Why can’t I do, I think the reason lies in the beginning, Tumblr has better technology, very good user experience, most of the content is now popular dynamic map, page is also more tidy beautiful.

and I ignore the importance of the threshold, Tumblr  as a light blog, it is easy in operation, reduces the threshold, which is consistent with the "lazy to promote progress in the world" the first human needs. Secondly, there are almost no restrictions on the content, which is in line with the needs of people’s pursuit of freedom.

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