How to set the shop hours more appropriate

to do business not blindly, there must be some business concept that, in many small details also need to pay more attention, there are many factors affecting the store revenue, shop location, business skill, decoration, display, service management and so on, these are the factors that influence entrepreneurs need to pay attention to. In addition, there is a factor is very important, but often overlooked, that is, shop hours. In fact, the time to develop a reasonable business can also enhance the income to some extent.

Dewey in the city of small bar street opened a store, shop just opened, Dewey like office workers, fulfill the nine to five business system. A month later, the store’s business though not too bleak, but only tepid runs. An accidental opportunity, and he opened a small clothing store next door Liu Liaotian, that Liu’s shop closed at 11 p.m.. Liu also told him that the largest flow of people is 6 to 10 in the evening, this time the turnover accounted for a day’s total turnover of 70% – 80%.

Dewey understood that, because this street is a street of bars, night really wake up, a lot of young people to the bar at nightfall, the way to enjoy the fun of Taobao shopping. As a result, many of the characteristics of these shops are followed by the bar to adjust the business hours, the business hours to 10 am to 12 pm. Some shops are open at 12 noon, and some even open until 2:00 in the morning.

later, Dewey also learned that: different shops have their own marketing strategy according to the actual situation. Such as a game store is different according to the different periods of time, playing the game every day 5 yuan / hour, at night the price of 8 yuan / hour. Just opened a week of hair salon, according to the street work and rest time, at half past one in the evening before closing. A duck neck shop is Business Hours extended to two in the morning, the boss said: "what time what time we will close the bar closed." A clothing store is the direct business hours to 5 p.m. to 12 p.m..

in short, all kinds of shops and bars the same day and night, can meet the different needs of customers to relax, shop operators together to make the street features to attract more people. Dewey’s store after the adjustment, the Business Hours extended to 12 points, the business also fire up slowly.

shop features, such as the characteristics of each person, the shop does not feature, it becomes unworthy of taste. If your shop is located in the center of the crowd, it is best to open on Sunday or holiday. If necessary, can also be set up late into the night, but sometimes, it is bound to space, personnel, skills, funds and other practical factors. Therefore, the owner should reasonably grasp the business hours.

in order to grasp the flow of business hours, the shop recommended

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