Storms Importance to the XMen Universe

first_img SDCC 2019: Marvel’s ‘Dawn of X’ Comics Unveil Future of X-MenMarvel Posts ‘Dawn of X’ Teaser on Twitter Before SDCC 2019 Stay on target February is Black History Month, so is taking the time to appreciate the history of comic book’s black characters (ie. Static Shock, Black Manta) Today, we’re catching up with Storm of the X-Men. One of the most prominent and important black superheroes in comics. She first appeared in the series in 1975. Initially created as a male character named “Typhoon” by artist Dave Cockrum, it was suggested by editor Roy Thomas that the character be changed to a woman in order to diversify the all-male line-up.  Since her debut, she has been a consistent member of the X-Men, a Horseman of Apocalypse, the wife of an Avenger, and most importantly, a heroic tentpole of the Marvel Universe.via Marvel ComicsFirst appearing in Giant-Size X-Men #1 in 1975, Ororo Munro, aka Storm, was created by writer Len Wein and artist David Cockrum. A member of Professor Xavier’s backup team of X-Men, Storm and the rest of the new team were sent on a mission to the Savage Land in an effort to rescue the abandoned members of the original team. Storm did not receive her origin until a year later in Uncanny X-Men #102 from writer Chris Claremont, who would go on to write the X-Men until 1991. Storm’s mother, N’Dare, was a Kenyan witch-princess and her father, David, was an American journalist. After Ororo was born, they moved to Egypt, where Storm grew up after her parents passed away when she was 6. She lived there as a pick-pocket until she was taken in by Charles Xavier.After going on many adventures with the X-Men, Storm made her way into the greater Marvel Universe. Acting as a de-facto leader in Cyclops absence, Storm also served as something of a mother figure to Kitty Pryde, who was the youngest member of the team. Storm was even a participant in the original Secret Wars storyline in 1984. She was rocking her now-iconic black leather/white mohawk, which was later revealed by artist Paul Smith. Smith later admitted it to have been a joke on Mr. T who he was a fan of. Storm would go on to lose her powers in an accident with a device created by Forge, who she would be involved with romantically until discovering his involvement with her de-powering. Forge made up for it by restoring her powers, and their relationship was rekindled. In 1986, Storm fought Cyclops for the right to become leader of the X-Men and emerged victorious.via Marvel ComicsStorm would tread water for most of the 1990’s, in the background during Marvel’s relaunch of the X-Men. Her relationship with Forge was on and off for most of the decade, with the two characters eventually going their separate ways. She would go on to lead the X-Treme X-Men in the early 2000’s, and maintained her powers even after the Decimation storyline wiped out most of the mutant population in 2005. In 2006, her relationship with T’Challa, the Black Panther, blossomed and the two were married in a major comic book storyline amidst the original Civil War. They were even stand-ins on the Fantastic Four.During the Avengers VS X-Men arch in 2012, Namor used his powers that were augmented by the Phoenix Force to flood the nation of Wakanda. When Storm stayed with the X-Men, Black Panther had their marriage annulled as he felt betrayed.Since then she’s lead the all-female team of X-Men during the Marvel NOW relaunch and has become a major leader in the mutant movement. She is currently the leader of the Extraordinary X-Men team and will be a member of X-Men Gold when the new series launches in April of this year.Her presence is strong and she continues to be a focal point for mutant and female leadership and strength within Marvel lore.View as: One Page Slides1. Anthony Jean2. Dave Bardin3. Goran Parlov4. Meredith McClaren5. Nelson Hernandez6. Andrea Parrocho7. Stephanie Hans8. Bob Qlast_img

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