What kind of psychology is the buyer

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some of the exhibition some holidays of all kinds are too busy to attend to all appear in people’s lives, and the exhibition is not only the purpose of investment, exhibition in many places is actually in order to promote their products.

Do you know the psychological

and in the show, it is possible. An annual, commercial, and quasi – social mix that allows buyers to keep in touch with sellers and other users. This is a long-term motivation for real buyers. Despite their input in the short term will not repeat purchases, but maintain the relationship and the seller and others are necessary for them, so that they can seek solutions from these people encounter problems in the future.

The importance of establishing the relationship

to potential buyers, the exhibition for the development of contact and further provides a way to buy. The exhibition simplifies the problems inherent in the process of establishing links with a wide range of sellers. Each seller has a fixed booth at the show. The goods offered by these sellers are visible. All of these factors make it easier for buyers to establish connections.

and the contact between the buyer and the seller to shorten the distance. There are several different distances in the industrial market. There are two kinds of exhibition can shorten the distance is:

1. social distance show allows buyers to have an understanding of how the seller works. Purchase recommendation

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