Huizhou set up into the incubation enterprise shall not be established for more than two years

construction of various incubation base is completed, to provide a powerful helper for many small and micro enterprises. With the increase of the service platform, the corresponding management approach also needs to keep up as soon as possible, in order to regulate the smooth development of the industry.

to encourage social capital to actively guide the existing construction of incubators, incubator in Huizhou City, raising the level of management and business incubation ability, provide better conditions for enterprises of science and technology incubator, before the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau in conjunction with the relevant departments issued   "Huizhou science and technology business incubator to identify and support measures", make specific provisions the incubator should have enterprises in incubation conditions, conditions of graduation.

Business incubator refers to the

"measures" (in the incubator as the main business by nurseries, incubators, accelerators, hereinafter referred to as the incubator) is to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, cultivate high-tech enterprises and cultivate entrepreneurs for the purpose of the science and technology innovation service carrier, by providing physical space as the founder of the new science and technology of small and medium-sized enterprises and infrastructure, provide a series of service innovation and entrepreneurship support, entrepreneurial risk and reduce business costs, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship, innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent Training base.

Science and technology project