The return of Zhang Ruiquan goose entrepreneurship

in the current countryside, as long as we can find business opportunities, the probability of success will continue to increase. Perhaps because of this, there will be more and more people choose to return home entrepreneurship. Gao Wei winter, the cold wind howling. Goose farm in Pingding County Gan Yi Cun peach farmer Zhang Ruiquan, is a lively scene: fat goose head into the water and then up, drops slipped down from the goose back, they are swimming in the pool gathering in crowds and groups…… "A few days to sell this batch of geese, I can concentrate on building goose feed processing factory work." Zhang Ruiquan said.

ran from transportation to home business "goose to groom", investment in the construction of goose feed processing plant, Zhang Ruiquan in the city of goose "circle" has been a minor celebrity. Four years after he had failed, but with a tenacity and belief, finally achieve the entrepreneurial dream. Speaking of his own entrepreneurial path, and Zhang Ruiquan said: "although hard, but with the people in the village do poineering work together, again tired also value."

2012 years old, 42 year old Zhang Ruiquan feel run transportation to make money, but not practical stability. After consideration, he decided to return to the development of aquaculture. From the investigation, Zhang Ruiquan found the North goose market prospects, goose, goose can make money. At the end of that year, he took the village more than and 30 villagers started Ruiheng farming cooperatives, leasing the village wasteland, wasteland, office of the goose farm.

is the first big white goose, Zhang Ruiquan on the living habits, eating habits and how to prevent the problem do not understand. He first introduced thousands of goose seedling breeding and epidemic prevention due to lack of experience, can not keep up, and catch a disease, the goose seedling eventually more than half of casualties, the loss is not small.

experienced the failure, Zhang Ruiquan realized the importance of professional knowledge. As soon as possible in order to master the goose, he participated in the county agricultural sector organizations poultry breeding and training, access to information and books, from the experiences of farmers for study, multi culture technology. In this way, Zhang Ruiquan with the villagers while groping practice, the introduction of the more than 3 thousand kinds of geese let him earn pots bowl ". After that, Zhang Ruiquan began to gradually expand the scale of farming.

spring introduction cooperatives "Youth" goose, after four or five months of feeding, geese have entered the laying period, especially from June to October is the north of goose laying peak. This coincides with the South goose egg rate is low, the market price of the highest egg. To the autumn season, they put not laying geese to sell. Is to seize this air current, Zhang Ruiquan actively explore the market, and Shandong Province, Anhui Province, Hebei province and a number of acquisitions to negotiate orders signed.

"a goose can sell 6 yuan to 9 yuan." Zhang Ruiquan said, "in addition to selling eggs, goose purchase price is also good. A goose to will be able to sell thirteen pounds, sold to the highest 13 dollars a pound, recommended

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