Want to successfully open flagship stores need to train staff

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‘s flagship store, now in a slightly bustling streets have countless shops, however, success is very few, not only because of the fierce competition, not to do business, but also because many shops didn’t come with software, personnel do not meet the standards, but also how to attract consumers. So, want to successfully open flagship store need to train staff.

flagship store that was first proposed by big brands of large enterprises, later, some small and medium-sized retailers began to clamor to open flagship stores, is to choose a good location, store area, luxury decoration, hardware product line, as the flagship store can enhance brand image, showing the strength of enterprises, to seize the market share, improve sales performance, and the direct effect.

of course, these luxury shops, into the natural high, if rich large enterprises direct investment, the pressure is not great. If the dealer or investment of small and medium-sized enterprises flagship store, estimate how much is a bit difficult, but also some common compression store investment, focus resources to open shop.

I of flagship store also ran a lot, if from the flagship store itself location, area, decoration level, hardware configuration scale, it can also have a "flagship" of the word, however, the software will be flattered, referred to here is the store software, people. The manager, clerk, cashier.

specifically, the store is the staff attitude and reception service process, product technology, communication technology, the use of professional sales tools and strategies, generally at a low level, at least, has not yet reached the level of "flagship". That is when the store opened, the sales staff may also good, but for a long time, it came down to the ordinary level, and even the luxurious decoration of the store, a salesperson fatuous stare.


store is not large stores, supermarkets are sellers selling price, the store is the first to sell more sellers, sales staff in their work attitude and sales technique is the first flagship store, the location is good, luxury decoration, complete product line, into the store to attract customers is obvious. However, the final transaction, we have to rely on the business staff of human factors.

especially in the flagship store, high standard hardware will allow customers to create high expectations for the store, the salesperson will think the subjective store should be higher in the service attitude and professional technical level, is also put forward higher requirements on the sales staff, if the gap between business people. The actual performance and customer expectations is too large, but lead to a decreased probability of turnover. In short, if the sales staff did not enhance the human factors, hardware and software between the person and the store has formed, the huadaijiaqian open out flagship store, is an empty shell.

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