National People’s Congress on the issue of entrepreneurship guidance

many people want to start a business, or are starting a business. Here, the two sessions on behalf of entrepreneurship, given some guidance, I hope you will help.

once a year the national NPC and CPPCC is a major event in the political life of the country, and is closely related to the livelihood of the people we take "employment", for example, now young people often talk about nothing more than to find work, often hear them say: now looking for work so hard? Well, it’s hard for college students to find a job. The 29 year old Shaliya laid off a few years ago, now she’s trying to run their own national clothing store, recently she also planned to set up their own "Shaliya" brand in the whole world. All this, if two years ago, she simply did not want to think. But let her surprise, is in Beijing to attend the NPC and CPPCC representative Ernie Val · Yi Ming also cared her entrepreneurial things.

The general manager of

you see, entrepreneurship is not as difficult as you think, believe in yourself, you can!

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