How to make a monthly income of 5000 yuan

many people look not on junk in this industry, that junk can only earn a little money, can not build up the family fortunes. So you think so wrong, picking up rags can make money? Yes, there is a pick up the entrepreneurial team of College students. They can also work with your hands, a monthly income of 5000 yuan.

in a Xi’an university campus, all the year round every Thursday afternoon after school, there is a "special" team of college students, to each office and dormitory, recycling all kinds of bottles, waste book and newspaper, they are famous to pick up the "junk" of College students.

the first recovery action let many members snubbed. However, the hidden behind the business opportunities and practical exercise eventually let them excited. Hard work pays off, in November 2005, Green Industrial Development Co., Ltd. will be incorporated in the form of a university in Xi’an, the highest monthly income of 5000 yuan.

entrepreneurial part and junk can make money, according to the current "junk" the students said, "polanwang" inspired by the spirit of many students, their team is now growing nearly 1000 people, but they are in Xi’an to do a survey, found that college students more than 600 thousand people, so many people every day have rags, are a potential source of the company’s business, they will further expand the market.


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