Taiwan Affairs Office held in Taiwan to encourage young people to the mainland employment and entrep

in mainland China and Taiwan for many years in the economic and trade exchanges of the same breath and branches, very frequently, the Taiwan Affairs Office has been actively encouraging and helping Taiwan to the Mainland Youth entrepreneurship. Recently, the Taiwan Affairs Office set up 8 cross-strait youth entrepreneurship base, helping the two sides joint venture.

first examines the Taiwan Affairs Office in Beijing Taiwan funded enterprises, then held a meeting. The new base in the country and demonstration sites have a common feature, that is, both in Taiwan funded enterprises and local Taiwan association. The participants exchange base and the construction of the demonstration and future work ideas, think in the current situation of cross-strait relations and economic and social development, innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation environment, and the broad market is very attractive to young people in Taiwan, Taiwan youth to the development to the mainland, Taiwan funded enterprises and local association is willing to this dedicated. The exchange also made specific guidance on the construction of bases and demonstration sites.

Zhang Zhijun around Taiwan Union to the mainland Taiwan funded enterprises, employment and cross-strait youth employment and entrepreneurship joint efforts affirmed to support Taiwan youth. He hoped Taiwan and Taiwan Taiwan Taiwan funded enterprises to actively explore, in order to promote cross-strait youth employment and entrepreneurship, and promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations to make new contributions.

, the broad market attractive to Taiwan entrepreneurs, and Taiwan Youth Innovation Thought and the Mainland Youth Ideological integration, also contribute to the progress. Cooperation and exchanges.

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