Chongqing Jianghu join details

life in the rivers and lakes, walking in the rivers and lakes, the swordsman and the rivers and lakes, how can not eat a Chongqing cuisine.

rivers and lakes dishes are Chongqing characteristics of the Han customs, with a strong local flavor. The so-called rivers and lakes dishes, with the words of cooking experts, refers to the relatively authentic dishes in terms of. It is rooted in the people, from a cuisine based from several informal often repeated method of cooking, seasonings, in the west to do dishes, dishes, do the new old North South cooking material, seemingly inadvertently, it is hand Tiancheng, which received satisfactory effect. The biggest feature of the rivers and lakes: soil, coarse, miscellaneous.

Chongqing dishes to join

Jianghu cuisine is based on the characteristics of Sichuan cuisine flavor of the main food, it is more varieties, taste all, inexpensive features, and now more and more people will choose the rivers and lakes as their venture capital projects. Open a restaurant arena, low cost, ordinary kitchen equipment, do not need a full-time cook, do not refer to what the management is the key to good taste, taste, will greatly improve the rate of over taiwan. If you want to business arena restaurant, Chongqing restaurant franchise arena is a very good choice.

join process:

1, project consulting: free project information, information and franchise consulting services.

2, project visits: rivers and lakes to join the partners to visit the headquarters, to understand the operating conditions and products, communication.

3, join negotiations:

according to the environment and the situation of their partners in the region, it is recommended to join the model and the choice of shops.

according to their own partners to join partners to provide investment budget, return on investment accounting professional guidance.

headquarters free of charge to provide targeted evaluation and store profit evaluation guide.

4, sign the contract: sign the contract, pay the cost, provide relevant materials and authorization.

5, operation training: free of charge to provide on-site training, technical training and management training.

6, store location: according to the requirements of the headquarters training and site selection strategy for the local store location, and get the headquarters.

7, opening preparation: according to join the store building pattern free store decoration, opening and other guidance.

8, new store opening: Chongqing rivers and lakes to join the headquarters free of charge

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