Warm service will run through the entire process the whole business

now the owner knows the importance of the service, but also willing to work on it. However, many people do not y understand the enthusiasm of the service, only one-sided view of the transaction process. In fact, the real enthusiasm of the service should run through the whole process of business, so as to get more customer recognition.

a few days ago, when I stepped into a shop, a brother-in-law had bought a large bag of goods, ready to go. At this time, but the owner of the woman sitting in front of the computer to fight the landlord, the card wipe the sound of music in the shop around.

looked at his uncle tried several times to try to put the goods on the shoulder, perhaps because too heavy for the sake of it, all ended in failure. Uncle is very anxious, but the boss turned a blind eye to the boss, enjoy the game straight. So I went over to help my uncle to help him put the goods on the shoulder. Uncle said thanks, smiled and left the store.

looked at the old man gradually away figure, my heart has feelings. Sometimes life is not casual little things, may make people feel grateful even remember for a lifetime. As a businessman, to their own business is booming, financial resources, in addition to the strict quality of goods outside the customs, but also to focus on quality services.

perhaps "the customer is God" has become our common understanding; "hospitality" has become a habit, but it really is not very satisfactory. I went into the store shopping, most store boss always is a warm heart, at the mouth to talk about their quality how good, how the price is low, a pair of me who take the situation like this is warm, so that our customers can move.

in fact, the so-called warm hospitality is not limited to the moment customers buy goods, but should run through the whole process from the customer to the door to leave. For example, the cold winter, the customer came in a timely delivery of a hot water, hot summer, immediately sent a cup of herbal tea, seemingly trivial, but in reality contains love, so that customers feel grateful.

of elderly elderly or emaciated children should be extra attention, because they may need help, for example, can not find the needed goods we should not just stand in front of the counter and in a timely manner to backseat driver, led them to the corresponding commodity shelves; customer selected good will remind the satisfaction, if not satisfied in the case of damage can change; when the customer leaves according to the need of assistance package delivery, watched the departure of these seemingly insignificant details, often let the customer feel the warm heart, very touched.

there is a saying goes: "give roses, fragrance in hand". As business people to think more empathy, more observation to try to figure out the customer’s mind. Because only the hearts of our customers, every move will make customers feel satisfied and even grateful, customer heart >

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