Dessert shop how location

The rapid development of

market economy today what enterprises with benefit, you can share the market economy in Manulife a share, to see if you have the courage to market decision. Take this is dessert join, a dessert shop, the location is the first important, choose the location to bring Everfount passenger and Caiyuanguangjin, ask yourself if you do you know how the location is the best choice? Xiao Bian for you to do the following analysis.

one, the passengers near the station is to the customer base, including workers, but also students, hospitality to different objects and different ways, in particular, should be careful to deal with pricing. In addition, holiday customers are not the same as usual, there must be a difference. Customers in this section is the biggest purpose of waiting for the car, so the most suitable dessert.

two, the company focused on the area of the lot more than the class of workers as the most important customers, the purpose of their visit is nothing more than business negotiations or chat. How to deal with the large number of customers who are stuck in the lunch, how to improve the efficiency of turnover in the light of holidays and weekends.

three, student street students are the main customers of this lot.

in order to select the dessert shop lot approach, near the school is the ideal location. There is no obvious difference between the peak and the light period in a day, but the seasonal difference is quite big. Students use the motivation of the restaurant, in addition to chat, entertainment, as well as students gathering or reading, etc.. Therefore, we must pay attention to the convenience of moving tables and chairs, and prepare books and magazines. List of food and beverage shops and desserts are suitable for this lot.

above is to help you choose the best place to operate a dessert shop to provide reference information, I hope to help you. I hope you have a good start, site success.

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