30 thousand investment in March to the Yeh was petrified

summer, it is a good time to invest in snack business, for the average entrepreneur, the Bay rice shop is more reliable, such a small investment in the project, the risk is small, the overall income is usually good. To 5 yuan a bowl of rice, for example, the cost will not exceed $3.

below, small to do such a hypothesis for you: if you invest 30 thousand yuan, a 30 square metre shop opened, the average daily traffic of 200 passengers, 30 thousand yuan monthly operating income, net store rents, tax, labor, raw material costs and other expenses, net profit about 10 thousand yuan, about three months to return to the. If the geographical location (such as in the business district or office area), the time will be shorter.

if you have more ample funds, you can choose some of the area, bigger chain, the initial investment in about 10 to 400 thousand yuan, if operating properly, the monthly income is only Rice noodles can reach 4 to 100 thousand yuan, plus other items (food and beverage pot, dessert). Operating income, less than three months to return this into profit.

intimate Xiaobian for you to understand, Rice noodles individual business license to the relevant area and shall submit materials including rental contract, fire permits, environmental approvals and hygiene license and valid personal identification documents.

"bogey" and "four"

"bogey", a small investment, should be limited to 3 to 50 thousand yuan, 30 square meters, or store environment and services are difficult to guarantee. Two avoid shoddy, operating in good faith, such as non authentic local Rice noodles don’t pretend, "avoid" cold; three customers, with the most considerate service to customers feeling impressed.

"four", a passenger flow on the shop each time be aware; two of the preferences of the guests be aware of similar competitors; three advantage to "know", the flexibility of four; to continue to highlight its own characteristics. In addition to the main rice noodles, you can also launch other specialty food to attract customers.


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