King Palace kettle Highlights Korean food franchise

in the modern era, most people have to pursue delicacy, who is a chowhound is difficult to explain the feelings of Korean food, King Palace kettle as authentic Korean cuisine, all kinds of elaborate collocation snacks, homemade Korean sauces, now King Palace kettle has won the hearts of many people, the king palace barbecue kettle special flavor, let people lead a person to endless aftertastes.

[King Palace] [

king palace kettle professional Korean food is very exquisite delicacy for the quality of the brand, is the perfect combination of traditional Korean cuisine and modern fashion delicacy, lay the foundation of distinctive brand image and authentic products taste for the king palace kettle in the vigorous development of China catering market. Whether it is a family barbecue, or improve the upgrading of modern Korean fried rice cake, are produced in accordance with the highest standards. At the same time, a strong R & D department to continuous innovation, will be South Korea’s most popular delicious all into China, what to eat what we eat Korean, Korean powder after what we push what, where is the fire where the Korean brand, franchisees throughout the year do not have to worry about a single product line and old problem.

[King pot palace advantage]

: a variety of shops, investment size as you choose; two: location easily, King Palace kettle has a rich product line and flexible business model, both in the commercial street, pedestrian street or around the school, you can easily shop business. Three: King Palace kettle is representative of Korean food brand new theme color and image, concise and lively, is the current trend of the Korean delicacy leading brands.

[King pot palace join condition]

1, and the health of their families, are engaged in the industry of passion and enthusiasm; 2, to recognize and accept the brand management idea and mode, interested in venture investment; business 3, implement and comply with the brand management system; 4, with the qualification of independent legal person or natural person with strong economic strength; 5 and has a good sense of cooperation, good business reputation; 6, to devote to the business, and have a certain market sensitivity; 7, to join the catering industry with confidence (with the food industry experience is preferred); 8, independent investment costs, and can bear certain risks.

as an authentic Korean food brand, always adhere to the essence of the Korean king palace kettle delicacy culture, is constantly innovation, close to learn more the delicacy of fashion, King Palace kettle joined the headquarters of the combination of modern manufacturing technology, presents a Korean food feast for their businesses to invest king chowhound, kettle Gong Han meal, can easily make money.

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