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as long as it is to do business, must exist on credit behavior. Easy credit, Tao Zhang is not very easy, but also need managers can acquire a better way. In short, in the retail business, credit is inevitable, no credit too unkind as. Can credit the account receivable has become a very difficult thing.

usually, I see people on credit discretion, if the credit of the people is a reliable person, give credit. If it is a rascal, would rather not the business nor credit. She is mostly some honest and reliable acquaintances.

last year’s day, next to the top of the big sister Wang slippers to my shop, to help her lover to buy a Yuxi greeting guests, pay a pocket when you have no money, very embarrassed to say: "oh! Take a bath when changing clothes, forgot to bring money. We have several guests, anxious to say hello. The up and down the stairs, it’s difficult to climb, tomorrow to pay you money for cigarettes?" "Well, well, you go back to the guest." I answered.

, a very rare that Wang, also didn’t see her to pay. Since the account was doled out, also feel shy immediately get back home. Midway, a face to face, and she told me everything, because she took a large amount of money to invest in the field, due to the lack of cash flow, some time to return to me.

This is a

for half a year, before a few days, I met with the king’s sister, in order to return to the account is not hurt, when no one else, I used a very mild tone and she asked: "sister Wang, really feel shy! This time I have a tight hand, I would like to re decoration of the store, you see a little money, the knot that cigarette money."

she listens to me to say so, also nod frequently: "owe so long, really embarrassed! I’ll send you back!"

Oh, strange for you!" I replied.

this soft recruit a true spirit, in the afternoon, Wang sister sent me money. After that, I left her to sit for a while, pulled a homemade, I also gave Wang sister under a shy step.

there are a lot of credit of the owner does not pay attention to, when requesting payment and do not pay attention to methods, either account credit out or back, or ask for payment affect business. In short, do the retail industry, generally do not give credit to Tao Zhang selectmen, speak the occasion, not when they face to account, it will give the credit of the people have no face very much. Euphemistic tone and tell their difficulties, imminent, urgent need money. This will be on people’s understanding, therefore not to offend customers, and can smoothly return to arrears.

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