How much money is needed to join the steamed stuffed bun taste Fu

Chinese since there is love please a good luck idea, love others for their own say auspicious words, nature in childhood by their parents to teach those words should be prohibited, a shop named when exposed in Chinese. For example, the taste of steamed buns. Many people are optimistic about the steamed stuffed bun business, taste good steamed stuffed bun is a good choice. Taste is mainly to provide all kinds of steamed stuffed buns and other breakfast for consumers, is very worthy of joining a good object. So how much does it cost to join the steamed stuffed bun?

How much money does

need to join the steamed stuffed bun?

taste steamed buns join the cost is as follows:

1, joining fee: 6 thousand and 600 yuan /3 years;

2, brand margin: 10 thousand yuan; margin amount will be based on the annual results of franchisees to be approved in the next year should be paid.

3, brand management fee: 1000 yuan / year, including: brand image analysis, brand maintenance, brand development.

4, brand use fee: three levels a year, 1000 yuan, two yuan, 1500 yuan, three yuan, 2000 yuan.

5, special equipment fee: 15000 yuan; including the kitchen special equipment double furnace, catering industry fume purifier, stainless steel kitchen table, kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, etc.; dining utensils and chairs, etc.;

6, the first batch of raw materials fee: 5000-1000 yuan; mainly include: food materials, services, materials, etc..

7, environmental protection fire inspection fee: 2000 yuan; for food and beverage license before the approval of the conditions of the pre-approval of the project is to apply for the approval of the fire, for environmental protection examination and approval fee;


8, health and health license fee: 1500 yuan; the cost of including health permits for examination and approval of the cost of health care and staff to prove the cost of expenditure, in order to apply for food and beverage license for the two;

taste Fu steamed stuffed bun product features:


machine: self R & D and production of steaming and cooking machine, have great originality; selecting high quality natural bamboo steamer produced, taste the flavor of the product to ensure good buns harmless.

simple operation: semi automatic control, according to the unified standard flow operation.

unique formula: the national senior pastry together, common development, configuration of benefit package delicious steamed stuffed bun unique grain pastry recipe.

grain and flour: the first choice of refined grain coarse grain flour, no additives, days >

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