Governor of Henan deepening enterprise reform to promote scientific and technological innovation

in the process of economic development, although a lot of enterprises have great success, but in the development to a certain extent, will still encounter bottlenecks, hinder the enterprise to continue to move forward. This time, governor Chen Runer to Jiyuan, Luoyang research enterprise reform and technological innovation. He stressed the need to adhere to the innovation to the driving force, to reform to vitality, and constantly enhance the competitiveness of the regional economy.

Jiyuan is the province’s major iron and steel, nonferrous metal industry base, Luoyang is the famous old industrial base, strong industrial base. How the enterprise reform and innovation, quality and efficiency, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, is an important part of Chen Runer’s research.

23 morning, Chen first came to Henan research station Yuguang Gold & lead Refco Group Ltd. This local state-owned enterprises in Jiyuan is the country’s largest producer of lead and silver, but also the country’s first batch of circular economy pilot units. Chen Runer braved the heat, in-depth business casting workshop, multi metal comprehensive recovery project of field visits, ask, ask, ask the production development and environmental protection. He was pleased to say: "after entering the factory did not smell the pungent taste, eyeful is verdant green, indicating that companies in environmental protection under the martial arts, met with success."

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chairman Yang Anguo said that the enterprise needs to adapt to the market reform is brewing, Chen Runer pointed out that to lead the capital and transfer mechanism, the property diversification, improve the corporate governance structure, to further stimulate the vitality of enterprises. He also urged local leaders, to encourage state-owned and private mutual participation, agglomeration relying on the advantages of Jiyuan non-ferrous metal smelting, extend the industrial chain, the formation of industry alliances, to build material industry cluster of 100 billion yuan.

main stainless steel Henan Jiyuan iron and steel (Group) Co., Ltd., although the first half profit, in the background to the production capacity are also facing continuous transformation and upgrading. In the special steel bar, steel steaming over the production line, on the side edge study earnestly listen to the chairman Li Yutian restructuring plan, Li Yutian for his "return": the implementation of the strategic restructuring of the transformation based on technology upgrading, structural adjustment and industrial production, more high value-added products, improve the competitiveness and anti risk ability.

science and technology to go far, the industrial economy go far." 23 afternoon, Chen Runer came to CITIC Heavy Industry (601608, stock it) machinery Limited by Share Ltd research, specially inspected the company’s heavy machining. This is the company’s largest heavy-duty CNC machining base, high precision, strong demand for innovation, Tan Zhiqiang big craftsman Innovation Studio is located in the corner of this workshop. Chen Runer and the team of the one hand shook hands, asked the workers to create a group of people interested in research and development, title and income situation of. He said, "the craftsman spirit" is an important spirit we advocated in the world, "craftsmen" are the enterprise valuable talent to use high subsidies, high income, innovation oriented enterprises show a recommendation to stimulate

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