Chinese herbal medicine into a new bright spot in Huangyuan

in recent years, Huangyuan county to adjust agricultural structure, to realize the farmers’ income, to actively support the Tibetan farmers planting, to become the county’s agricultural structure adjustment, promote the new farmers’ income, promote rural economic development. At present, the Tibetan herbal medicine has been radiation 13 villages in the county, the cultivation of farmers reached 300, the per mu net income of farmers reached more than 4000 yuan.
it is reported that because there is plenty of rain this year, climatic conditions are suitable, angelica and other Chinese herbal medicines gratifying, yield is generally high, the average yield of 1700 pounds, Angelica in the purchase price of 8 yuan per kilogram, Gansu, Ningxia and other merchants bought. Now is the Chinese harvest season, in the fields of Huangyuan County Dahua town three village, the villagers at the harvest of medicinal herbs, face a smile.


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