Annual increase of 100 thousand of the province’s self driving vehicles

the outing season, Qinghai in the most charming scenery attracted nationwide driving enthusiasts, so far, driving vehicles increased to 734 thousand vehicles from around the country, driving a vehicle at a speed of 100 thousand per year increase, Qinghai driving on foreign tourists so attractive.

self driving tour increased by 100 thousand

per year

it is understood that, from the perspective of the distribution of tourism resources in Qinghai, attractions scattered, longer lines, seasonal strong, however, this is the advantage of the development of self driving tour in Qinghai. Provincial Tourism Bureau responsible person, the self driving tour has become an important sector of tourism in Qinghai, Sichuan, Tibet, Qinghai and the borders of Xinjiang, Gansu, and many types of high quality tourism resources in the region; the scale of highway network, inter provincial channel is basically complete, self driving travel provides smooth road conditions. In recent years, the provinces to enter Qinghai’s self driving vehicles almost an average annual growth of 100 thousand, developed coastal areas and foreign tourists are the main tourist market in Qinghai self driving tourist market.

five boutique route was optimistic about

at present, combined with the Qinghai provincial tourism department resources characteristics, self driving travel products will be divided into multiple levels: a Qinghai Lake car boutique ring; the three landing axis, namely Xining, Golmud, Yushu (town); the five radiation quality, namely exploration roof driving routes, Qilian Mountains style tour fine lines, the silk road tour routes, Tangfangudao pursuit of self driving tour routes self driving car, as well as Qingchuan ecological sightseeing Gallery driving routes; 10 in 10 different link and link characteristics, the formation of multi-level, diverse space theme changes, functional diversification, to meet the self driving tour product a variety of personalized tourism demand system.

according to the introduction, from the beginning of 2013, the construction of Qinghai self driving camp to speed up the tourism tourism signs, supporting the toilet, gas stations and other service facilities, provide tourists with bike rental, transfer, accommodation, catering, entertainment and other services. Up to now, has built more than and 30 important towns and nodes covering the self driving camp.

drive driven multi industry development

Provincial Tourism Bureau official said, the rise of self driving tour will make changes in the layout of the structure of tourism in Qinghai. Driven by self driving tour, the province’s tourism traffic will also be further improved and developed, Qinghai airlines, highways, railways, Trinity of three-dimensional traffic network will also be improved. Not only that, the expansion of Turist Hotel, new construction, the development of tourist attractions, the development of tourism products, to bring new opportunities for the development of the industry.


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