Qinghai province non material cultural heritage of have been published

By the Provincial Cultural Office of press and publication and editor of the "Qinghai province non-material cultural heritage of" has been officially published. This is a complete and systematic introduction to the national and provincial intangible cultural heritage list of Qinghai, so as to demonstrate the diversity of intangible cultural heritage in Qinghai.The "

" contains a total of more than 1000 pieces of the picture, in the form of illustrations, systematically introduced the province’s 64 national projects and 86 provincial projects in history, distribution, form, cultural value, survival status, protection effect, visual and profound record of the development and change of the times with the change of folk culture, knowledge and learning in one complete system introduced so far in Qinghai included in the national and provincial intangible cultural heritage, a comprehensive display of the diversity of the intangible cultural heritage of Qinghai, reflects the latest achievements in the protection of intangible cultural heritage of Qinghai, to the whole society publicity Qinghai intangible cultural heritage project. It is understood that since 2003 intangible cultural heritage protection project started, the provincial government has announced the three batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage list of a total of 150. These precious intangible cultural heritage is the crystallization of the wisdom and civilization of the people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai, is an important witness to the historical development of the Qinghai plateau. (author: Wang Zi)


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