Xining a post office for half a year does not start to take measures

in August last year, the first Xining city occupation technical school (Xining post) opened 21 teaching 31 classes in Haidong Prefecture, enrolled and registered 1358 students, plans in September 1st of the same year, school classes. But today, 31 classes are not a normal life of school classes, 1358 students and 31 teachers employed by the majority of farmers so confusing, students want to dare to go to the provinces to work, stay at home and wait and do nothing; a lot of employed teachers to give up some other jobs…… March 10th, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of education Wang Guangxian responded positively to the above problems: the municipal educational administrative departments and schools will be people-oriented, the concept of service for farmers, quickly organized a Xining vocational school (Hai Dong) each school class immediately classes classes, which has enrolled students enrolled farmers as soon as possible, have to learn.

was the original intention of enrollment

Wang Guangxian told reporters that last year, the provincial education department and other seven Department (bureau) jointly issued the "on Further Strengthening the work of the province of medium occupation school enrollment notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), for secondary vocational schools to expand the scope of enrollment, students broaden the channels, who received nine years of compulsory education for young people can enter secondary vocational school, to encourage and attract junior high school graduates, college entrance exam students, rural youth, migrant workers, laid-off workers, retired soldiers and other vocational education, accept social youth at the same time, to encourage graduates of rural junior high school graduates to the credit system in the form of vocational education to the degree students, the education administrative departments at all levels registered after school, in stages to complete their studies, and the state of the secondary vocational education funding and free policy. According to the "notice" spirit, on the basis of Hebei City, Hainan province and other relevant experience, made some attempts to recruit farmers accept education occupation education, Xining post is a typical example.

Wang Guangxian further said, according to the overseas experience, Xining post has taken and Haidong Prefecture private occupation technical school joint running mode, and Haidong Prefecture occupation training school (referred to as Lin Lin vocational school) signed the relevant agreement with the school, and recruited a group of students to the vocational school enrollment registration of farmers. The agreement, by Lin on behalf of the Xining post vocational school to recruit students of farmers training, teaching organization.

can not open the cause of learning

Wang Guangxian said that in the implementation of national peasant students enjoy 1500 yuan per year in the subsidy policy, for part-time education students in national policies and regulations can not enjoy, therefore, Xining post has been actively strive for the national subsidy policy, but has failed, resulting in Xining post (Hai Dong) school is the school time delays, has been unable to start classes.

farmers can receive free vocational training

Wang Guang offer;

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