Xining City Public Security Bureau police team on Yushu in the hope of the children’s home

June 29th, "Yushu wants children’s home orphanage came bursts of laughter, more than and 20 children now and several police do interactive games, play very happy.

the more than and 20 children lost their homes and relatives in the earthquake, causing huge impact and damage to their young minds. In order to make them as soon as possible to come out from the shadow of the earthquake, in the face of future learning and life, with a positive and optimistic attitude in June 29th, deputy secretary of Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment four brigade Party branch instructor Guo Dingyu on duty in the initiative to get in touch with Zahi for the welfare Dean, Ma Shenglin, Wang Jianjun, led the police party Hua Zong to visit the children welfare institute.

came to the orphanage after the distribution of the SWAT team members will buy candy, cookies and other gifts to the children, and the children sing and dance, jump rope, do interactive games, players performing Qingdiquan won the children’s applause, the children also give the players performed singing and dancing show. The team also helped the children to make the bed and taught the children how to fold the quilt and wash the clothes. The children’s faces are filled with a happy smile, in the parting, the children are reluctant to see off for the players.


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