Xining anti corruption achieved new results

In December 24th, Xining city held a clean government responsibility assessment meeting, the provincial Party committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Dorje Geltan led fourth inspection group group attended the meeting, listen to the Xining City, the implementation of clean and honest.

appraisal meeting, provincial assessment team leader Chang Jianming introduced the related work to carry out special inspection requirements; Deputy Secretary and mayor Zhang Xiaorong reported on the 2015 clean government building in Xining city and the personal responsibility of the discipline under Municipal Committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection; Cao Jiansong reported on the book on the City Commission for Discipline Inspection to perform a clean government supervision responsibility and personal responsibility of the discipline under the.

will also implement the Party leadership on clean government responsibility system, Party leadership team members to perform a clean government responsibility and self-discipline, discipline inspection team to implement clean government oversight responsibility, 2015 style construction of the democratic appraisal satisfaction.During the

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