Xining City Bureau of Commerce four measures to stabilize the provincial capital edible oil prices

Qinghai News Network on March 12th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized the provincial capital of 8 large supermarkets and oil operators in charge of the forum to discuss how to stabilize the retail price of edible oil in Xining.

after discussion, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce proposed four measures to stabilize the market price of edible vegetable oil in Xining. First, from March 11th to March 31st, the provincial capital of the major supermarkets and oil operators of edible vegetable oil in the purchase, sale, inventory and other information on the implementation of a variety of small daily price system. Second, the first line of the retail market in a timely manner and inspections, in the near future to ensure the normal market supply, increase inventory, rainy day. Third, the major supermarkets are not large quantities of retail oil. A one-time purchase of more than 10 barrels of oil consumers must register for the record. Fourth, the supermarket must regulate the operation of the safety of goods, not to occupy the normal walking channel to ensure the safety of consumer environment.

according to the Xining Municipal Price supervision departments to monitor the Xining market in the retail price of rapeseed oil in bulk in a rising half a month from February 20th to March 6th, from 12.4 yuan per kilogram to 15.6 yuan, Xining market four of the highest retail price of rapeseed oil in bulk in March 6th amounted to 16 yuan per kilogram. At the same time, the province’s largest grain and oil wholesale market – Renjie grain wholesale market wholesale price of bulk rapeseed oil also began to rise from February 22nd, half a month from the wholesale price of 11.9 yuan per kilogram rose to 15.2 yuan.

according to the analysis, two reasons contributed to a new round of rapeseed oil prices. First, the province’s annual output of 100 thousand tons of rapeseed oil. Among them, the export of 70 thousand tons of rapeseed oil, remove surplus farmers leave edible, Xining market circulation of only twenty thousand tons, while the edible vegetable oil of Xining people a month’s consumption is 2000 tons. Second this year, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guizhou province suffered freezing disaster, rape oil disaster, the shortage of raw materials, a substantial increase in the ex factory price of rapeseed oil. At the same time, the international futures market varieties of oil prices, the price rise has played a role in adding fuel to the flames. (author:

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