Xining City the real policy encouragement with real practical Zhaoban

Combined with the actual situation in Xining, efforts to create special activities, the study and implement the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping series led to in-depth, and strive to achieve tangible results.The

the grassroots cadres and the masses to carry out investigation and research, find problems, all-round development of influence and restriction, prominent problems affecting social harmony and stability of party spirit and discipline the masses salient issues. And to find out the problem of in-depth analysis of the reasons especially the subjective reasons, the formation of the Department in the region focus on mastery, do analysis apply to the inspection report, which shall be published in a certain range, the timely development of the implementation of the rectification program, and effectively solve the existing problems. As of now, Xining city "construction" for two years to see 46 key tasks effect "has completed 32, the completion rate was 70%.  

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