The construction of trade unions to military enterprises build a model village in Xining city

to do a good job of building work, led by the Xining Municipal Federation of trade unions leadership, sent personnel responsible for pumping, has five times the depth of Huangyuan County Shen Kou Zi Cun Zhong Xiang, actively communicate with the rural communication, co-ordination of the implementation of funds, repeated research and optimization of the construction plans and help improve infrastructure construction, improve the village of the village, the village. Shen Xiang "has become in the construction of military enterprises demonstration village" benchmarking project, walk in the forefront of the township construction work.

as of now, the City Federation of trade unions and the joint efforts of relevant departments and enterprises, has been in the village village hole on both sides of the road to set up 30 sets of solar energy-saving lamps, wall soil for 750 meters, 5260 square meters of building wall decoration, household doors and door decoration 99, culture wall 53 meters square, hardened ground 230 square the laying of water meters, fitness square tiles 250 square meters, set up permanent publicity boards 1, in the village square for 10 sets of fitness equipment, the implementation of reconstruction election 2, building 1, public toilet agricultural vehicles parked at 2, the purchase of garbage trucks, 1 cars, 25 garbage, garbage bucket 3. The village after remediation basic infrastructure take on an altogether new aspect, the rapid advance of public service, and constantly improve the living environment, improve the target of the surrounding village played a very good demonstration and radiation effect . (author: Ye Wenjuan Song Fang)

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