For the first time in the project site audit

For the first time in our city in the field of the center of the North Square to expand the first phase of the project audit. The reporter learned from the Municipal Audit Bureau, in recent years, methods innovation in our city, increase the focus of government investment projects, involving public interests and the livelihood of the city infrastructure, affordable housing projects such as audit, highlighting the effect. Much attention has been focused on the north of the center of the city to expand the first phase of the project is one of the key construction projects in the city, including the construction of comprehensive resettlement area, the North Square, the Yangtze River Road, the comprehensive utilization of underground space projects. The Municipal Audit Bureau sent auditors and audit by relying on social forces, in the field of auditing, the expansion of North Central Plaza Project pre construction approval formalities, bidding, contract signing, funds and use of the audit and the matter in advance, and strive in the project construction form the necessary supervision mechanism in the whole process, the strict use of funds, to ensure the engineering quality, construction cost savings. At the same time, the Audit Department of the city since 2007 on the implementation of the sea lake new area construction project tracking audit, to take pre, post and post audit mode, so that the supervision of the frontier. Audit staff have been completed in the sea lake new area has been completed venues, roads, bridges, landscape, square and other 41 projects were audited. At the same time, the new Lake area collective land expropriation and relocation compensation for the audit, tracking the audit effect is obvious.  

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