Pick up 16 BLACK chimneys in the middle

in order to further consolidate the central smoke pollution remediation work, strengthen urban coal-burning pollution governance, improve the living environment, and actively promote the model and a city, Xining to build more livable city living environment. In July 23rd, the District Environmental Protection Bureau carried out special operations to air pollution, iron pollution determination, will be the city of pipe, construction, street offices and other law enforcement departments jointly started the city area air pollution special governance battle.

"coal-fired boiler is not only inefficient combustion, dust removal and desulfurization facilities are relatively backward, and will be discharged into the atmosphere, a lot of sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases, will affect the health of the surrounding residents." Central Environmental Protection Bureau staff Liu Jie told reporters. It is estimated that every 1 tons of coal burning will produce a total of 16 kg of sulfur dioxide, so the use of coal-fired boilers directly affect the quality of the city’s air. The city area to carry out the "coal to gas" special rectification action of Nanchuan Road, Nanchuan Road West Lot 14 "black smoke" unit, according to the implementation of the demolition, demolition of "black smoke" chimneys 16. Environmental Protection Bureau Environmental Monitoring brigade captain Xue Ping told reporters in the city area, the "coal to gas" special action is in the air pollution governance special battle battle, the future city district will continue to carry out industrial pollution, dust pollution, coal pollution and other special rectification actions, and strive to air pollution hazards to eliminate in the bud. (author: Feng Yin)

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