Foreign tourists in Qinghai Lake in July

The blue sky of Qinghai Lake beauty, a great beauty scenery, cool and pleasant climate, not only attracted a lot of tourists inside and outside the province, also attracted many foreign tourists. According to the tourism sector statistics, in the first half of this year, the province received 7 million 258 thousand and 400 tourists at home and abroad, tourism revenue of $7 billion 37 million. Among them, in July, to Qinghai tourism in the Americas, Asian tourists increased. Tourists in the Americas and Asia increased in recent years, the road leading to the scenic Qinghai Lake, traffic intensive, more than 80% of the owners are self driving tourists. It is understood that, from July 1st to 20, Qinghai Lake scenic ushered in the Chinese and foreign tourists 220 thousand and 300 passengers, less than a month’s reception capacity of the first half of the total reception capacity, the amount of a single day visitors to tens of thousands of visitors. Reporters learned from the major travel agencies in our province, this year’s summer travel to Qinghai foreigners are also increasing, the cool weather in summer in Qinghai has greatly attracted the attention of the Chinese market, foreign tourists. Especially in July, the number of visitors to Qinghai, the Americas and asia. To see the green foreign son-in-law Wang Yue parents recently, reporters at the Qinghai Lake Milton area saw the couple a family of five, the original three years ago, the black African man met a beautiful girl in Qinghai in Shanghai, and the girl at first sight, two people witnessed friends and relatives on both sides under the traditional festive wedding ceremony held in Xining has been settled in Shanghai. This summer, this foreign son-in-law Buyuanqianli to Qinghai to see Wang Yue parents, the way to Qinghai to enjoy the scenery of the summer Chinese and Western, a family of five people in Qinghai Lake happy pictures, attracted many tourists praise and blessing. The event started the Qinghai famous brand according to Tibet CITS responsible person, with the increase in our province a variety of festivals, more and more international brands and the influence of Qinghai more, many foreign tourists are very interested in Qinghai folk culture resources, is pleased to make light of travelling a thousand li isn’t in the minority. From the national point of view, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Australia to green tourists increased year by year, especially South Korean tourists, very optimistic about Qinghai tourism resources, in recent years, the number of tourists in Xining continues to rise.  

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