Municipal authorities to work to improve the quality of the concept of refinement

to the city to seriously implement the meticulous planning and construction management services to mobilize the spirit of the general assembly, the municipal organs decided to carry out the "promotion ideas, adhere to standards, implement the plan, attention to detail, improvement of work style, improve the system, strengthen the cooperation" as the focus of the "refined concept to improve the quality of work" activities, to further change ideas, enhance service awareness, improve their work style, improve the ability and quality, enhance the level and quality of work directly under the authority of Party building.

in the concept of refinement to improve the quality of the work, the municipal authorities working committee requires the work of cadres firmly establish the concept of fine work around the four focus on to ensure the effectiveness of activities. One must focus on "strict", strengthen the sense of responsibility and consciousness, to raise standards, adjust good mental state, self regulating strictly, put an end to the work of negative coping, explain away to shirk responsibility. Two to focus on the real, to establish a solid work style, starting from the little things, from the start bit by bit, one by one to implement, an effective. Three to focus on the "fast", strengthen the concept of time and efficiency consciousness, advocate "immediate action, immediately do the work of philosophy, to overcome the lazy, sluggish habits, to arrange the deployment of active, quick response, and accelerate the pace of improving efficiency, ensure the implementation of. Four to focus on the "new", enhance the awareness of innovation, improve innovation ability, diligent study and careful in thinking, good at summing up, continue to strengthen the party building work for the city center services, services for economic and social development for the Party cadres service consciousness, through the build service platform, expand service channels, improve service. To further improve the overall service, service quality and level of grassroots.


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