First inaugurated the monitoring station of pesticide residues in food

9 26, north of the city of Xining City District food and pesticide testing station in Bridge Street open Hui Hakka supermarket opening. The detection of pesticide residues in food inspection station station is the first in Qinghai province for the public free of charge, which is north of the city district food and Drug Administration and market supervision and actively exploring to carry out a Huimin activities to create a national food safety city.

the test station can focus on the detection of vegetables, fruits, meat and other 11 categories of total of 50 kinds of food pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues and food additives. If the masses do not worry about the purchase of food, can be detected on the spot in the fast test room, the fastest detection of 3 minutes, the full set of testing is completed in just 15 minutes, the test results are displayed on the LED screen at the door.

it is reported that in the future the city will be in the area of large supermarkets, vegetable market gradually increase the intensity of the monitoring stations, and strive to adopt a variety of initiatives to effectively improve the level of food safety in the area, to ensure the safety of the masses basket.


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