Large original musical Kunlun myth sent new year wishes

from January 1st to 3, a reflection of musical beauty of Qinghai "Kunlun culture Kunlun myth" will be in Qinghai Grand Theatre sent new year wishes for the audience, and in our province, which officially opened the show in 2013, international tour of the big screen.

from Beijing is the consciousness of culture media CO produced, Haixi, the state government, the Ministry of culture and art service center and the Kunlun Haixi culture media Co. Ltd. joint helped produce the large original China myth musical "Kunlun myth" in the background of many characters in the myth of Kunlun, tells the story of a modern love story, let the audience in the love story in the taste of love and wisdom of the Chinese civilization. The myth of Kunlun is the only one that can be compared with the creation myth of the west. As a modern form of performance art, musical play has become popular in the world, and has become an important carrier of the national soft power and the promotion of cultural and artistic exchanges between China and the west. It is one of the biggest highlights of the play to explain Chinese traditional culture with the modern stage performance art. The introduction of "Kunlun myth" is a pioneering work and breakthrough for the inheritance and promotion of Chinese traditional culture.

according to Chu Pinfang, "Kunlun myth" creative team strength, by the provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Gio de Maja served as Honorary Advisor, director Dong Fangsi has forty years of experience in Broadway, produced by or directed drama five on Broadway, including has created a $three billion classic musical "the lion king". It has a variety of beautiful music and magnificent choreography, the stage is the visual feast. In March this year in Beijing Poly Theater premiere, in Golmud on July tour, in Beijing in the theater on December. The play at the end of the performance together, still created an average attendance rate of 90% "myth", becoming the absolute highlight of the performance of the 2012 year old tail Beijing market. In order to better adapt to the international market, product excellence, a good foundation in the premiere edition of the international version of the new building, in 2013 officially launched the international tour, the depth of the development power of the local industrial structure adjustment and cultural tourism industry. (author: Li Xin)


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