May month CP rose significantly down

(reporter   Xiao Yu) to ensure that the 2016 period of two adequate market supply of important commodities price stability, the municipal government attaches great importance to, for a rainy day, the municipal government has organized a special meeting for winter and spring the main necessities of regulation work plan, taken to increase the distribution of reserves, increasing subsidies, price parity and other measures to expand sales actively, to ensure market supply, to ensure that the overall price level in a reasonable range. In January, the city’s consumer price index rose 1.9%, or 0.3 percentage points lower than in December last year,   lower than 0.3 percentage points over the same period last year, 36 large and medium-sized city flat with the national consumer price index rose an average increase in December last year, ranking from second drop to the middle level.

it is reported that CPI fell sharply with the city to take measures to protect the stability of the price can not be separated. Our city to increase the intensity of transport and delivery, two during the cumulative allocation of 80 thousand tons of vegetables. At the same time, the establishment of cheap vegetable sales area in Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural distribution center, the market price is lower than 10% of the price to the city farmers market, supermarket discount stores, focus on, play the role of stability control of vegetables, meet market demand; increase vegetables and frozen aquatic products reserve. The organization of transporting reserves of 10 thousand tons and 600 tons of vegetables and other fine chives, frozen aquatic products, has been in the 15 major supermarkets in the city’s 28 stores, discount stores, farmers market, set up shop selling cheap supply area for sale; continue to implement the fine food subsidy limit, the amount of subsidies to 1 million 800 thousand yuan by the year increased to 6 million yuan the total supply of 300 tons, from last year to 1000 tons, 7 days before the Spring Festival and the Lantern Festival on the 3 day, 110 points of sale, the Jiuhuang 6 fine dishes or higher masses, greater demand for direct subsidies to limit sales. In addition, put the 41 cheap vegetables direct car, into the city’s large scale community fixed sales cheap vegetables and aquatic products; during the festival to increase supervision and inspection, strictly implement the main vegetables and meat and vegetable zero slip control card docking system, crack down on illegal behavior, to maintain a good market order, to ensure market supply and price stability.


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