Adjustment and improvement of industrial injury insurance

Reporters learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the province decided to adjust the province’s industrial workers from January 1, 2014 disability allowance, living care, support relatives pension treatment standards.The treatment of

the adjustment of the industrial injury insurance is: December 31, 2013 (including 31) before the occurrence of work-related injuries, identified as one to six disabled, and receive a monthly disability allowance, nursing fees and the workers receive a monthly pension dependent relatives who died people. Retirement procedures have been included in the scope of the basic old-age insurance to receive a monthly pension and monthly pension workers, do not participate in the adjustment of disability benefits. Adjustment criteria are: one to six injured workers receive monthly disability allowance increased by $190 per person per month. Workers receive a monthly nursing fee, according to the dependency of nursing, nursing part dependent is adjusted to 1170 yuan per person per month, most of the care dependency adjusted to 1650 yuan per person per month, totally dependent nursing adjusted to 1951 yuan per person per month. Monthly workers receive the death of workers to support relatives of pension funds increased by 100 yuan per person per month, after the actual adjustment of the amount of less than $780 per person per month, adjusted to $780 per person per month.

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